TV, Radio & Online Video

PFA designs, produces and places television, radio, and internet video that is creative, cost-effective, on-target and most important, persuasive. From writing the script to making sure that you get the maximum value from your media buys, PFA delivers winning results. And all ads from PFA are created and produced by one of our partners. Your work is never shunted off to a junior staffer or an intern—another PFA difference.

Advertising that focuses on persuading rather than merely entertaining

Special effects and flashy production do not win hearts and minds, strong persuasive messaging does. PFA puts your message front and center in ads that are creative and penetrating. Sure we can use all of the special effects and production gizmos other firms use—and when the ad calls for it we use them—but we never lose sight of the adage, “it is better to persuasive than simply impressive.”

PFA partners oversee every aspect of the creative process. Partners write the script, direct the shoots and recording sessions, and oversee everything from editing of video to picking background music. We have a network of professionals—including world-class cinematographers, voice-over talent, sound engineers and editors—in locations across the country that work with us to produce memorable ads. And we produce our ads on-time and on-budget.

Media placement that stretches every dollar

Having a great ad is only half the battle. Getting in front of your target audience cost-effectively is the other half. A PFA partner supervises every media buy to make sure that it is on target and communicating your message. All placement is done by an experienced in-house media buyer–never a subcontractor–who has been extensively trained in the latest media buying techniques and strategies to ensure the best placement for your spots. And PFA’s media buyers use the latest software and data to make sure your ad is seen by the right targets for the lowest possible cost.

Want to know more? See some of the work we have done for our clients and then contact us to find out how Pound, Feinstein & Associates can help you meet your communications objectives.