Communications Consulting

Communications and messaging programs are too expensive and complex to simply be done on the fly. The basis of a successful messaging program is a solid written communications plan with measurable goals coupled with experienced oversight that turns the plan into victory. PFA partners have written dozens of strategic communications plans to guide campaigns and organizations toward achieving their communication goals.

A in-depth plan written just for you

Every strategic communications plan is written by a PFA partner. Each plan is an in-depth, fully researched document, custom-prepared for your specific efforts and objectives. We start from scratch with in-person interviews with you, your team and other key figures to get the lay of the land. We review your research and conduct our own as necessary. We crunch the numbers and then crunch them again to make sure we have analyzed the data thoroughly and accurately. Only then do we start to write your plan. No “fill in the blank” generic communications plans here.


On-going engagement to keep your communications efforts on target

A strategic communications plan is never chiseled in stone. Circumstances change. New opportunities arise. Unexpected challenges crop up. That is why PFA stays connected to you and your communications efforts every step of the way.

We use our decades of experience winning tough messaging battles to help you manage the execution of your plan, and proposing adjustments when a changing communications landscape requires it. That means PFA partners remain fully engaged with frequent and timely phone calls and e-mails. We spend time reviewing everything from press releases to speeches to web copy to make sure they are on message. And PFA partners make regular on-site visits to see first-hand what is happening on the ground.

Want to know more? See some of the work we have done for our clients and then contact us to find out how Pound, Feinstein & Associates can help you meet your communications objectives.