Direct Mail, Print Ads and Collateral Materials

Direct mail and printed materials

You want your direct mail, newspaper advertising, billboards or collateral material to break through the clutter and deliver your message persuasively. Pound, Feinstein & Associates crafts print materials that are on-target, cost effective and get noticed. From writing the copy to overseeing the artwork to choosing the target audience to getting the mail to the post office on time, PFA delivers winning results. And all mailers and print materials from PFA are written and produced by one of our partners. Your work is never shunted off to a junior staffer or an intern—another PFA difference.

Mail that breaks through the clutter

Most people open their mailbox each day to to find a stack of bills and ads they wish they never received. For your message to get across, PFA knows that your mail must be stronger, more compelling and more relevant than ever. PFA puts material that matters in the hands of recipients that is both creative and worth reading.

PFA partners oversee every aspect of the creative process for our direct mail. Partners write the copy, direct the graphic artists, choose the imagery and work with the campaign to determine the best mailing universe. Our turnaround times for production are among the fastest in the industry and our postal production experts ensure you pay the lowest postage rates possible. We make sure your direct mail dollar goes farther.

Print ads and collateral material

If it is a way to communicate and persuade that involves any sort of printing or graphic design, PFA has done it. From creating lawn signs and logos, to walk brochures, beer coasters and push cards, to billboards and newspaper ads, PFA will deliver printed materials and advertising that will win you support and action while keeping your costs under control.

Want to know more? See some of the work we have done for our clients and then contact us to find out how Pound, Feinstein & Associates can help you meet your communications objectives.