Political Advertising

Client: Morgan Griffith for Congress
Title: “Obama loves Rick Boucher”
Client: Simmons for Congress
Title: “Terrorism”
Client: Kennedy for Congress
Title: “Pretender”
Client: Jo Ann Davis for Congress
Title: “Families”

Client: Brownback for U.S. Senate
Title: “Change Washington”
Client: Friends of Gorman Houston
Title: “On The Law”
Client: Common Sense Issues
Title: “McCain”
Client: Friends of Charles Poindexter
Title: “Charlie’s Shop”

Client: Americans for Prosperity
Title: “Sign The Pledge”
Client: Tom Tiffany for State Senate
Title: “Enough”
Client: Republican Party of Virginia
Title: “Miller/Hamilton”
Client: Adam Light for State Senate
Title: “Hard Work”


Corporate, Association and Non-profit Advertising

Client: Virginia Cable Telecommunications Association
Title: “Competition”
Client: Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative
Title: “Something Good”
Client: Retreat Hospital
Title: “Best”