The work

Pound, Feinstein and Associates is a full service political advertising firm. Part of the PFA Difference is that PFA partner creates every ad and writes every mailer. And each ad or mailer is crafted for your specific need and situation. No junior staffers doing the creative work. No cookie cutters anywhere. See the difference for yourself.

Television Ads

From writing the scripts to getting the perfect background music, PFA takes care of everything when it comes to creating your television commercials. See some examples of how we have made our clients shine and their opponents cringe.

Radio Ads

Radio advertising is about theater of the mind. Working with some of the best voice talent and audio engineers in the country, we make sure your radio ads jump out of the speakers and grab the listener’s attention. Listen for yourself how we use radio to tell your story.

Direct mail

It is only junk mail if the reader does not care about what you sent and we make sure they care. From snappy copy to world-class graphic design and art direction, you can easily see how PFA direct mail gets the reader’s attention.

Print and collateral

Whether it is a newspaper ad, a billboard or a palm card, your material has to get the reader’s attention or it is going to be forgotten. Take a look at some examples of memorable print pieces that stayed in the reader’s memory.

Once you have seen the work, let us know how we can help you…

Like what you have seen? Want to learn more about how PFA can help you break through the communications clutter the way we have for our other clients? Then contact us to find out how we can help you meet your communications objectives.