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Call a spade a spade

Here’s a scenario we run into all too often in political campaigns: It’s time to start developing a contrast or negative ad or mailer. We send around a draft and the response comes back: “we don’t want to mention our opponent’s name and/or show his picture.” This is always the wrong decision. Always. We have [...]

The myths and reality of the political mailing red tag

If your campaign is sending out bulk campaign mailings, you’re going to hear about—andneed to understand—political red tags*. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about red tags in terms of how they impact the speed and quality of your mail service. This often leads to unrealistic expectations over how the post office will handle red-tagged [...]

Facebook is about dialogue, not monologue

Almost every candidate, officeholder and campaign knows they should be on Facebook, but almost none can tell you why other than they know that pretty much every other officeholder is on social media. That means most candidates are on Facebook with neither a clue as to what’s achievable with the medium nor with a plan [...]

The one time you can’t be ignored

While powerful advertising and communications are the linchpin of a winning campaign, the reality is that your target audience can ignore most of them if they choose to do so. They don’t have to read your mailers. They can change the channel on the radio or TV They can ignore your web ads and pre-roll [...]