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18th Century wisdom for 21st Century candidates

They say what’s old eventually becomes new again. So we were struck when we recently ran across a short quote from, of all people, the 18th century French philosopher Voltaire that just nails why so many of today’s campaigns communicate terribly: “The secret to being a bore is to tell everything. Voltaire nails two very [...]

Metrics without message is meaningless

Voter contact metrics are one way campaigns, issue groups and caucuses use to show how much progress is being made toward victory. “We have 7 field offices up and running!” “We knocked on 10,000 doors this week!” “Our volunteers completed 2,000 calls tonight!” Those are wonderful metrics. It shows the campaign is working hard. What [...]

Bio Hazard

Imagine you’re at a reception or at a conference–or even a dreaded “networking” event. Someone you’ve never met strikes up a conversation with you and immediately proceeds to tell you their life story. It goes something like this: “Growing up I learned some important values and life lessons. Then I went on to college and [...]

Pound, Feinstein & Associates weekly newsletter

In the next few weeks, we efectos de la pastilla viagra will be launching a cialis generique new weekly e-mail newsletter that we hope you will sign up to receive. We will also be posting it to the blog. The newsletter will generally be a brief note about an idea or insight we have about [...]

Welcome to the new website for Pound, Feinstein & Associates.

We’re proud to (finally) unveil our new company website. We hope that current and future clients find the information here valuable. As part of the site, we are going to try to interact with visitors through this blog. From time to time we will post thoughts and ideas about communications and campaigns that we think [...]