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Call a spade a spade

Here’s a scenario we run into all too often in political campaigns: It’s time to start developing a contrast or negative ad or mailer. We send around a draft and the response comes back: “we don’t want to mention our opponent’s name and/or show his picture.” This is always the wrong decision. Always. We have [...]

No one remembers Shecky Greene

There once was a top thoroughbred racehorse named Shecky Greene*. You probably haven’t heard of him. The story of Shecky Greene’s last–and most famous–race is a cautionary tale if you’re running a political campaign. Shecky Greene was entered to run in the 1973 Kentucky Derby. He went off at about 6:1 odds in the field of [...]

The myths and reality of the political mailing red tag

If your campaign is sending out bulk campaign mailings, you’re going to hear about—andneed to understand—political red tags*. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about red tags in terms of how they impact the speed and quality of your mail service. This often leads to unrealistic expectations over how the post office will handle red-tagged [...]

You talkin’ to me?

When you talk to your audience in your ads, direct mail, emails and social media posts, do you actually talk to your audience? This may sound like a simple question. Almost a stupid one. But too many communications efforts get it wrong. We don’t want your communications to get it cialis generique wrong too. Everyone in your [...]

Keep your message from drowning in a sea of ads

Every year, we get asked the same question by many of our clients: How do I get my ads and mailers to ‘cut through the clutter?’ The clutter–all of the other ads and messages that people see throughout the day that are competing with your communications for attention–is a very real concern. How you handle [...]

Be the engineer, not the conductor, of your messaging train

If you have ever taken a passenger train, you know that there’s an engineer up front driving the train to its ultimate final destination, and a conductor in the back punching passenger tickets.* Some campaigns and marketing efforts take a train engineer’s approach to planning their messaging. They’re plotting a message (the route, so to [...]

Direct mail is all about timing

Going into the Labor Day weekend–the traditional start of the political campaign season–is often the time campaigns start thinking about kicking their voter persuasion direct mail programs into gear. While there are numerous factors that go into building an effective voter contact mail schedule, this week we want to talk about a couple of concepts [...]

Women Speak Out–Virginia “Crazy Terry’s Visa Emporium” RADIO

PFA Client Women Speak Out–Virginia is clases de viagra up with a new independent expenditure radio ad in the Virginia Governor’s race. Check it out: Replacement Crazy Terry  

Don’t let your TV ads get killed by time-shifting

Time-shifting. That’s the buzzword in the advertising world for watching a program at a time other than when the broadcaster aired it. It’s changing advertising as we know it. If your campaign, marketing effort or business is buying TV ads, time-shifting is dramatically impacting when your ad is getting seen by many viewers–if it is [...]

Five keys to an effective negative communication effort

How many pundits and consultants have you heard say that they “go negative” because it works? Almost all of them. In many cases, they are right. But the hard truth is that in many other cases the negative campaign did little to change the outcome of the race. Sometimes it even blew up the attacker. This [...]