The PFA Difference

Why Pound, Feinstein & Associates is different from all those
other firms

No matter what issue you are advocating for or what office you seek, PFA will tailor your campaign from scratch to fit you. No stock ads. No cookie-cutter mailers. No “insert name here” communications plans. We believe each client has distinctive attributes that make their communication challenge different from others. We also understand that campaigns and communications programs are about one thing—persuasion—and we remain laser-focused on that objective.

Strategy and communications tailored just for you

PFA takes the time to understand and bring focus to your unique objectives. We create a strategic communication plan to achieve them and then craft messages that persuade target audiences to take the action you want them to take—whether it is to cast their vote a certain way, make a phone call, or volunteer for a cause.

A partner always handles your account, never an intern

Every client, no matter the size, works directly with one of the firm’s partners. A PFA partner directly oversees every account, creates every ad and mailer, directs every media buy, and writes every strategic plan. No creative work or strategic planning is ever shunted off to an intern or junior staffer. Only the people whose name is on the door do your work. That means we service fewer clients than other firms. But it also means each and every client gets the top-notch experience and help they deserve and expect.

See some of the work we have done for our clients and then contact us to find out how Pound, Feinstein & Associates can help you meet your communications objectives.